Recycle America Radio Show
Recycle America Radio Show originated in a diner while discussing American exceptionalism between two friends. The discussion eventually transitioned into aggravation and agitation concerning the current (2008-2016) political turmoil coming out of Washington, D.C. specifically the White House.
We witnessed totalitarian oppressive policies become law over the past 8 years, executive orders bypass constitutional law and bloated budgets fill the pockets of lobbyists.  The currrent path will only lead to destruction and tyranny if not stopped. We must defeat the liberal leftists promoting Change and Hope for the country. We cannot negotiate with Democrats, nor can we trust Republicans, both sides of the political aisle are clearly working together to maintain their power and positions within Washington.
Recycle America Radio is determined to be the People's Voice, common sense discussions, promoting American exceptionalism and espousing Freedom and Liberty. 

Amerislam is the greatest threat to Americans Freedom and Liberty, amerislam is the combined efforts of Socialists, Communists, and Islmists within America. Destroy America from within!!
Political Correctness Dies At The Mic