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Communism Out Of The Shadows
The Communist Have Been Working Behind The Scenes Since The 1940's!!
  1. 100 Things To Know About Communism
  2. New Program Of The Communist Party
  3. Subversive Plot
  4. Subversive Plot UNESCO Destruction
  5. Organized Communism In The USA
  6. Robert Lee Question 7
  7. Brainwashed Into Submission
  8. The Communist Program For World Gov
Public Service Announcements 1940-50
American Citizenship VS Communism
Communism is the fundamental challenge of our time.

It is obvious that the future of this Nation; indeed, its very existence as a free and democratic republic, will be determined by our response to this challenge.

Although the overwhelming majority of the American people is opposed to communism-its basic philosophy and all of its manifestations- the fact remains that there is a tremendous lack of understanding of communism's true nature.

There is a tendency to try to deal with the problem of communism on a day-to-day basis, and from this we have the sorry spectacle of otherwise intelligent American leaders willing to negotiate with communism's masters at international conference tables as if there were a real foundation of sincerity and good faith.
Wherever one looks, there is struggle in the United States today . People are on the march . More and more are engaged in struggles for peace, for black and brown liberation, for economic advancement.

More and more are seeking fundamental solutions . There is radicalization.

There is a growing political Left. Millions are turning against the stale slanders of anti-Communism, used for so long to stifle people's struggles .

These millions want to know what this is all about . They are interested in the views of the Communist Party of the United States, which for fifty years has been a current in our country's political life and a significant organizer and participant in people's struggles. Like other Americans, we Communists take pride in the genius and skill of our country's workers, farmers and scientists, who have created the world's most productive industry, the most bountiful agriculture.

We take pride in our nation's democratic 'and revolutionary heritage, created by the struggles of our people.    
Communist Are Hiding Behind Islam, Pushing Their Communist Agenda Daily!!
Political Correctness Dies At The Mic