Recycle America Radio Show
  1. Islams War Against The West
    The Trojan Horse is in country, it's Islam
  2. Flying The Flag Of Islam
    Just another Flag Pole
  3. When Family Converts
    "Unequally Yoked" When it happens
Islam Hides Behind A Veil Of Being A "Religion Of Peace"  Islam is NOT A RELIGION,
it is "LAW" Called The Sharia. Socialists and Communists Move Behind Islams Veil !!
  1. Treasury Approves Kindred Hearts (Hamas)
  2. Treasury Approves Benevolence (MB)
  3. Terrorist Awaliki Dines With Politicians
  4. Behind The Scenes Terrorists Arrested
  5. The Explantory Memo Of General Council
  6. Analysis Of Muslim Brotherhoods Agenda
  7. Naive Politicians Support "Religion Of Peace"
  8. Muslim Brotherhood "Terrorist Org"
  1. The Politics Of Islam
    Superior to us, their at war
  2. Poltical Islam (2)
    When we change for the enemy
  3. Civilization Jihad
    Shairah Law and You
  4. Understand The Threat
    What Civilization Jihad Looks Like, Neighbor
  5. Civilization Jihad Witnessed
    Not all wear bombs, all are waging war
  6. Threat is real, enemy is here
    If you stop and listen, you will hear
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​These Islamic Strongholds are key to National Political Demographics, strategically located.  Injecting Islamic Law into the state and federal court systems, communities,  establishing deep "Islamic Law" into the bedrock of Americas Judeo-Christian Foundation!!

Bridgeview, Illinois
Buffalo, New York
Murray Hill, NYC
Dearborn Michigan
Hamtramck, Michigan
Gwynn Oak, MD
Liberal, Kansas  
Lilburn, Georgia
Little Arabia – Anaheim, CA
Little Beitunia (Ch-Iraq)  Chicagoland, IL
Fremont, California
Little Kabul – Queens, NY
Little Kurdistan – Nashville, TN
Minneapolis, MN
Little Pakistan – Brooklyn, NY
Little Palestine – Brooklyn, NY
Little Ramallah – Paterson, NJ
Little Senegal – Brooklyn, NY
Livonia, Michigan
Sweeny, Texas
Manhattan, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas
Northern Virginiastan – Va
Pontiac, Michigan
Tehrangeles – California
Tucson, Arizona

What's the difference between halal meat and non-halal meat? According to Islamic traditions, before being slaughtered, God's name should be pronounced over the meat as a show of appreciation. Then an animal is killed in one swift cut to its throat to ensure its blood is drained from its body.
This is ANTI-Christian, the bible declares "Shall have no other gods before me". The islamist god, allah, is not the One True God, Yahwah. The islamist serve lucifer, the fallen angel, not a god. If you eat halal meat you are serving a false god, period!! God sent HIS SON to die on the cross, allah sends your son..

Islam Is The Fastest Growing "Destructive" Ideology In The World..

​The Islamist is plowing up the fields our forefathers planted with seeds of "freedom and liberty" and allowing the Communist / Marxist to plant their seeds of "tyranny and oppression", all while the Islamist shields them behind the veil of "Religious Freedom". Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life, how you eat, drink, sleep, pray, fast, cook, sell, buy, trade, it's total control of one's life, it's Socialism / Communism with a god, allah. It is a living organism, a cancer within the body of AMERICA.  

Political Correctness Dies At The Mic