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The Who's Who Of AmerIslam
Where there is Socialism and Communism, there is Islam!! Russia "IS" Socialist and Communist, BLM "IS" Socialist, CAIR "IS" Islam, FRO "IS" Communist AMERISLAM "IS" all 3 and alive and well in AMERICA!!

and say, "Thus says the Lord God: "Behold, I am agains you, O GOG, the Prince of Rosh, Meshach, and Tubal !! Ezekiel 38:3






Socialists and Communists are using Islamist as a plow to continue their agenda under the cover "Religion Of Peace"


  1. Managing Director
    Ahmad Abuznaid
    Dream Defenders Organization
  2. Managing Director
    Linda Sarsour
    Dream Defenders Activist
  3. Managing Director
    Nihad Awad
    Council America Islamic Relations
  4. Managing Director
    Lamis Deek
    CAIR Human Rights Activist
  5. Managing Director
    Council America Islamic Relations
    Muslim Brotherhood
  6. Managing Director
    Mousa Abu Marzook
    Muslim Student Association HAMAS
  7. Managing Director
    Ibrahim Hooper
    CAIR Comm Director
  8. Managing Director
    Judith Leblanc
    Communist Party Leader
  9. Managing Director
    Alicia Garza
    BLM Freedom Road Socialist

The Koran

The Syra Prophecy

The Sunna Of Mohammed


The Muslim Student Association Pledge Of Allegiance is a Pledge against America. 
"I will fight against oppression" is a call to arms, fight against those opposed to Islam.
"Jihad is my Spirit" Jihad is defined by the Quran as an act of violence against a non-muslim. "Islam is my life" They cannot be subjected to laws outside of Sharia, which means the Constitution is worthless to them. This pledge is said daily all across this country in high schools, colleges, and board rooms.

Began With Egypt!!

The Muslim Brotherhood has enormous influence within the area / territory spoken of by Ezekiel, it's also a very powerful political organization within America. The Muslim Brotherhood operates numerous front groups within America, from CAIR, and MSA to the ISNA, all politically powerful and influential with Washington, DC.

Vladimir Putin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood through Chechnya, a strong Islamic State in which it's President has sworn allegiance not only to Allah, but to Vladimir Putin.

The Bible speaks of a BEAR arising within the latter end days, scholars believe the bear represents Russia, of which did not exist during Biblical times, however, (metaphorically) a Bear represents, Power, Strength, and incredible Brute Force, historically Russia or the Soviet Union has represented much of those traits.  Also, the Biblical prophet depicts the Bear in the latter end days holding THREE RIBS in it's mouth, could this represent what Russia Promotes?  Socialism, Communism and Islam!!!

The Biblical Territory of Meshach and Tubal covered the area of what is today southern Russia. The Word "GOG" is translated as "Chief Prince" or as we say today, President or Prime Minister, the leader of a nation.

The prophet Ezekiel declares in the latter end days the leader of this area, territory will increase in power and influence, create allies within surrounding nations and move south with a massive force consisting of government and non-government fighters into Israel, attemting to destroy the Israeli people and nation!! 

Today this area, or territories are controlled by Vladimir Putin, and several Islamic leaders, all opposed to Freedom and Liberty, America, and Israel. 

Americas 400 yr cycle, the Rise of The Bear Begins!!

Political Correctness Dies At The Mic