Recycle America Radio Show

Watching Americas Back 2017
Do you really know the truth?
Will you believe it when you see it?

Patriots Do You really understand whats at stake??

Why are Silicon Valley Executives going off the grid??

Can A Country Turn The Corner and end up at a dead end?

How Much Freedom Is Too Much?

When War involves Politicians and Corporations will you recognize the enemy?

When the Countries history doesn't matter, do you matter to the Country?

When you change history, are you lieing?

When The Farmer brings the Fox into the Hen house, do you blame the Fox?

When Christianity doesn't belong inside the Courtroom, where will you find justice?

When Politicians are anti-Christian, what does that make the country?

When the defenders of FREE SPEECH stop defending it, who has free speech then?

Do we really want to push for tit for tat history revision?

Where do Oregonians go from here, Nebraska?

Christopher Columus Monument Baltimore Maryland

When The Foundation Is Destroyed, whats truly left?

Robert Lee, reassinged ESPN announcer

Robert E Lee, Confederate General

When a sports announcer is held accountable for what a Confederate General stood for 150+ years ago, What's next?

2017 The left turn destroying the country, can we turn around?

When the enemy dictates the narrative, is the narrative correct?

MSA is a Hamas Organization.

When the enemy governs your country, does it become their country?

When "THE ENEMY" becomes the Judge, who will you turn to?

When the curriculum is corrupted, is the education corrupted?

When the enemy prays "against" you in your own house, is it really your house?

When the enemy forms their own neighborhood "patrols", is the neighborhood really yours?  

When the ideology of the leadership is "flawed" doesn't it create flawed leaders?

When you repeat bad history should you expect good results?

When the enemy becomes the majority, are you considered occupied?

Political Correctness Dies At The Mic